Choice of Children
One of the first brand producing textile accessories for children in Turkey KITTI which is known for its quality and unique products, designs aesthetics and functionality that keeps the forefront prepared for a group of 0-15 years.

KITTI logo was introduced in 1998. brand was held on the demands for the registration in 2003.Kitti name delivered from 'kitty' in English, as a brand name for girls and boys won the admiration and affection of customers in exported countries.

Our brand, showing rigorous approach to safety and quality manufacturing, closely follow the laws and regulations in all countries where the product sales. Capturing fashion trends, functional and stylish product range is refreshed regularly. Thus, the physical visibility of the store is maintained.

KITTI products were popular all over Turkey; European countries and the Balkans as well as Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria and is a reputable brand preferred child safely in a wide region from Tunisia.

Manager Sezai Er
Establishment 2001
Address Yenidoğan, Merve Mahallesi Akabe Cad. No:16 Sancaktepe - İstanbul
Phone 444 10 47