AKAL is in accessory bussines since 1978, and the success of the company is coming from their origin where they started all this 40 years ago, and combining good manufacturing capability with global market experiences.

The love of the accessories, design and headwear combined with the desire to build a brand. The experienced Istanbul-based company is qucikly making a name for itself as a Fashion and Sports brand globally people want to be associated with; nordbron, means north bridge in Skandinavien Language. And they belive that this brand will be a bridge between ‘people and nature’, the bridge between ‘the wild and the beautiful’, and the brigde  between ‘energy and elegance’.

After launching the brand in ISPO Munich 2013, nordbron sales soared by %400 from 2013 to 2016, in Switzerland, UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain and New Zealand. (the private company doesn’t disclose eur amounts). The brand is in growth and expansion mode, with the season of FW 17/18 nordbron continue to growing up in 13 countries in Europe, Canada and USA.

The family bussines company was already following the first adopters, running with them through. Nordbron is not the first brand they created, that experince helped give them a healthy head start.
The brand has been becoming a cultural phenomenon, enough to convince people asks to sales points swiftly after experiencing the items. The spirit of the brand and the quality helps customers remember why they bought the item in the first place.

Quality and fine details are key differentiators. “You do not build big cult brands just on the superficial positioning in advertising” said marketing and branding expert Alan Middleton of York University’s Schulich School of Business.

From the brand philosophy to design talent acquisition and seasonal trends, details in each article and product development, nordbron examined all their inner feelings of spirit and the ways they build a culture that promote and protect creativity.

Manager Taha Tozal
Establishment 2012
Address Yenidoğan, Merve Mahallesi Akabe Cad. No:16 Sancaktepe - İstanbul
Phone 444 10 47