SUYUTTI is known as a brand for its simple, natural and high quality line. It produces specially designed textile accessories used in autumn and winter such as; hats, berets, scarves and gloves. Seasonal collections appeal to both women and men.

SUYUTTI, the starting-up brand of Akal Textiles, was born in the 1990’s as a courageous venture. Trademark registration was made in 1995.


Chief Executive Chairman Şükrü Alkan, co-founder of Akal Textile, is also the father of the brand name. The name, SUYUTTI was derived from the family name of Celâleddîn Suyûtî, one of the greatest thinkers of the 14th century.

Celâleddîn Süyûtî, who spent his life in Cairo, has about six hundred books on history, morality, religion, medicine and many other fields. SUYUTTI, which has succeeded in keeping the brand perception high, since the day it was presented to consumers, offers tasteful options suitable for the trends of the day for young people over 25 years old with its continuously renewed collections.

Manager Sezai Er
Establishment 1995
Address Yenidoğan, Merve Mahallesi Akabe Cad. No:16 Sancaktepe - İstanbul
Phone 444 10 47