In all our businesses, we avoid behaviors forming unfair competition; by taking necessary precautions to not to treat the parties unjustly, we respect the right regardless of race, color, gender, religion, political affiliation, philosophical belief and sectarian discrimination.


We keep our promises. We thrive to fulfill all of our missions and responsibilities in time and completely.

Social Responsibility

We support the social and cultural activities by adopting the transfer of social generosity into efficient channels. We promote solidarity and the awareness of solidarity in all our businesses.


We move within the framework of transparency in all relations. It is our aim to be accountable in all kinds of manufactured products, services and activities in the company.

Continuous Development

We aim to make improvements in all fields with a customer-oriented structure. In this sense, we constantly listen, evaluate and conclude the recommendations of customers.

Solution Partnership

We solve all problems through consultation. We try to designate and implement the solution of problems with the participation of our Business Partners, employees, customers and suppliers.


We always give priority to quality in products. We ensure customer satisfaction with our recognizable quality in all markets and we keep this feature in front.